We survived the Ice Storm of 2022!! Now, time for spring in Memphis!

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Wow, what a winter that was! We survived the Ice Storm of 2022. I would like to thank all of our customers who battled tree emergencies for allowing us to serve you in the most difficult time. Most were without power, some were even displaced from their homes. We did it together! We removed the trees [...]

Tree Defects, Included Bark

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How to Identify Included Bark? There are two main identifiers to search for when looking for included bark. First, you can look for the sharp “V” shapes in the junction of branches. The more the tree grows, the deeper the “V” gets, and ultimately the weaker the junction gets. The second identifier can be spotted when [...]

Learn How to Properly Prune Your Trees

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Proper pruning of landscape trees improves their structural strength, maintains their health, enhances their beauty, and increases their value. Why Should Trees Be Pruned? Pruning is advisable if: trees have crossing branches, weak branch unions, or other defects branches are dead, dying, decayed, or hazardous lower branches interfere with people or vehicles, or block visibility of [...]

Tree Service work in Memphis

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Best tree service in memphis SPRUCING UP THE OUTDOORS Trees are nature's bounty, along with adding to the beauty of your property, they also have other benefits like providing with freshness, increased o2, decreased energy consumption and an efficient noise absorption system. These are not all but just a few of the many benefits [...]

Tree Trimming; when is the best time to trim oak trees?

By |2020-02-05T22:01:18+00:00December 9th, 2015|Categories: tree trimming|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , | Have you ever wondered when is the best time for tree trimming/pruning oak trees? At Memphis Tree Service, we advise customers not to perform tree trimming on oak trees during peak transmission season (Spring). Spring is the time when oak trees have the highest chance of contracting oak wilt disease; pruning in spring leaves them [...]

How to Handle an Emergency Tree Removal

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EMERGENCY TREE REMOVAL Storm season in Memphis, TN is just around the corner. Thunderstorms can pop up out of nowhere, often times with violent winds and torrential downpours. During such strong storms, trees can be blown over, or spit in half causing major damage to homes and landscaping. Fallen trees and broken limbs can be under [...]

Customer Testimonials on Google

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Just want to give a shout out to all my loyal customers that have left such outstanding reviews for us. Check out what everyone is saying about Memphis Tree Service LLC!   View Memphis Tree Services Google Reviews

Let our tree professionals care for your trees

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  Tree services include numerous things including extraction, trimming, stump removal, pruning, cabling, and so many more. The average person does not posses the right equipment or knowledge to safely complete these tasks. While some tree health services can be done by the typical home owner, such as a little pruning and other landscaping, the more [...]

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