Wow, what a winter that was! We survived the Ice Storm of 2022. I would like to thank all of our customers who battled tree emergencies for allowing us to serve you in the most difficult time. Most were without power, some were even displaced from their homes. We did it together! We removed the trees and got one step closer to getting back to normal. Through it all, we were met with kindness, understanding, and appreciation. We can’t thank y’all enough.

Now spring is here and we are getting back to doing regular tree maintenance for our wonderful, patiently waiting, loyal customers. In terms of tree maintenance or tree care, it is very important to seek consultation from a local Memphis arborist. If left in the wrong hands, your tree trimming or tree removal projects could go very badly. I see examples of improper pruning techniques regularly when driving around the greater Memphis Area. Topped trees, lion tailed trees, and just plain butchered trees are left as a monument of ignorance. When choosing a tree service in Memphis be sure to contact one of the many skilled aborists near you. Your trees will thank you!